Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Introduction to India.

India is a spiritual land. A land where religion and philosophy had attained their culminating points. Having a great passion for India and Hindu Mythology, i used to ask my grand father about it as he had immense knowledge about the subject. He used to tell me stories , really fascinating ones and very interesting as it gave a gives us an insight into the rich culture which prevailed in Ancient India, as well as the rules and principles they used to follow in order to live a happy life .
There were many instance which he used to narrate to me . I want to share those Interesting and stimulating stories with you people.
There are quite a many instances so first i ll tell you the brief headlines which i would try to publish out later .
These stories are div9ide into following headlines :-

  • Indian mythology and test tube babies .
  • Ancient India also had nuclear power.
  • Aeroplanes were also there in medieval India centuries ago .
  • India also had its own wireless system in it early age .
  • Tv broadcasting was also prevalent in India.
  • India had expertise in optical illusions and virtual reality.

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