Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Indian Mythology and Test Tube Babies.

According to the glimpses we get when we read these great indian epics . viz. Ramayana , Mahabharata, Gita etc. we get to know how the technology was at a high at that period.
the story atarts in the early mahabharata background when there were two sons of a great king of kurukshetracalled as Kuru. There names were Pandu and Dhritrashtra. Before the great king expired away , according to the hierarchical rule elder son was expected to take up the throne . but the elder son dhritrashra was a born blind , so it was decided that to look after the interests of the subjects and the territory, younger son Pandu should be made the king. When this proposal was kept before him , he just refused away as he ws interested in meditation rather than kingship .
Thus the council again considered and had to crown Dhritrashtra again with an assistant as his disposal who used to narrate the events happening around.
Dhritrashtara's loyal wife Gandhari also used to Blind Fold herself as her husband was.
At first Dhritrashtra and Gandhari had no chidren while Pandu had Five Sons who were great experts in their respective fields in arms handling .
It had been long time they had no child . One day, a Rishi(Saint) Vyasa came to their place and grante her a boon and told her not to deliver before 2 years .
She had it and after 2 years she gave birth to a lump of flesh . That ball of mass was divided to a hundered and one pieces and placed in 101 pots. eventaully the king got a hindred sons and a daughter from those pots. this incidence tellls us that at that time Indaian science was advance enough to give rise to Test Tube Babies.

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