Saturday, February 10, 2007

India also had its television broadcasting system!

Many instances have been found in ancient epics Mahabharata and Geeta that Ancient India was also expert in television broadcasting system. One of the instances that suggest these is from Mahabharata War.
The Blind king Dhritrashtra wished to see the whole war scene. So his attendant Sanjay told him that he has got such power by which he is able to watch any phenomenon occurring anywhere on the earth. The king told him to narrate whole war scene to him. The way the armies had taken stance, participants of the war, specialties of the persons participating in the war. Everyone’s reactions and all that which was taking place in the war field. Sanjay then explained whole of the war scene to his master by using his power.
Now what was this power? We should say that actually this power was nothing but in fact a Television Broadcasting System. By whose assistance was Sanjay able to see all those phenomena occurring far away from him.
May be he had been gifted a Television :) .

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