Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ancient India had its own Wireless Broadcasting and Voice-mail Technology !

Hindu mythology has some instances that suggest that wireless system was prevalent in Ancient India also.
The story has its setting in a popular epic of Hindus known as Srimad Bhagwadgita. The instance comes from the story leading to the birth of Lord Krishna. This was known as Krishnavatar.
Demon king Kansa had his sister Devaki married to King Vasudeva. When he was going to leave them both to Vasudeva’s kingdom after the marriage ceremony was over, he heard a heavenly voice. “The sister whom you are leaving with so much joy and happiness, his eighth so will be the cause of your Death”, the voice said.
When Kansa heard this Heavenly voice, he drew out his sword to cut
t his sister’s neck away. But Vasudeva intervened in between and pleaded not to kill Devaki. Instead he gave his word to Kansa that he would give each of his child to Kansa as soon as soon as it was born.
So the night when the eighth son was born, all guards fell into deep sleep and also Vasudeva was automatically unshackled. He also heard the same heavenly voice which told him to move the child to the house of Yashoda and Nanda, and to bring the new born girl child from there. No sooner did Kansa hold the girl child to kill her , than the girl slipped away from his hand and flew in the air and instead warned Kansa , “The child whom you intend to kill has already been moved to the house of Nanda and Yashoda .
Now, here is one thing that we must consider. That is, “From where did these voices used to come”? It was a very special wireless broadcasting system and a type of Voice-mail indeed which was used to convey messages from one place to another.
Many Indian philosophers and intellectuals believed that. That’s the reason why the radio broadcasting system in India is called as ‘Aakashvani’!

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