Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Hindu mythology: Weapons in Hindu Mythology

Gods in Hindu mythology used to have markedly different than other traditional human weapons like Bows and Arrows, swords, shields and clubs. There were some special weapons which were used by the Gods in hindu mythology. Ancient Hindu literature gives a mention of divine weapons used by different heroes who used to get it after self mortification in the name of a particular God or deity. Those weapons used to have abundant or sometimes infallible capabilities to destroy their targets.

Some of the weapons used by the Gods themselves were

Trishul or trident (Lord Shiva)

Sudarshan chakra or a Discus (Lord Vishnu)

Vajra or ThunderBolt (Lord Indra).

Some of the weapons granted as a result of self mortification or Tapasya were

Agneyastra by Agni or Fire

Brahmastra By Lord Brahma

Garudastra by Garuda(A swift which was the vehicle of Lord Vishnu)

Narayanastra by Lord Vishnu

Pashupata by Lord Shiva

Shiva Dhanush by Lord Shiva

Varunastra by Sky god

Nagastra by the Snake God

Hindu mythology also has Gods and deities which used to have more than one weapon at the time of war, like Goddess durga and Kali.

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