Monday, March 19, 2007

Law Of Entropy in Hindu MYTHOLOGY !.

Hinduism holds that once the Universe was more pure and free of sin, and as the Yugas (Time cycles) progress, the condition of the Universe deteriorates more and more, until at the end of the last Yuga- the Kali Yuga (which is linked with disorder) the state of disorder will reach an apex and then God will come and purge the world of all sin and destruction.
Almost all the religions throughout the world also describe disorder is increasing and that on a final Judgment day (or doomsday)- God will come to cleanse the world of Evil. The Bible has several verses that imply disorder is always on the increase (contrasting with ideas of Civilization, progress and development.)
The Law of Entropy" is the second law of thermodynamics: every reaction, physical or chemical, in this Universe goes forward only if it attains a state of more disorder. By definition entropy is the measure of disorder of a system. For example, the evaporation of water to vapor or melting of ice to liquid leads to more ‘disorder’ among water molecules, which were once tightly packed together but are now more separated and disarranged.
In other words, with forward movement of time, entropy of the Universe increases. This is what is implied in mentioning that the Universe is always moving towards disorder until it reaches a state of maximal entropy.


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