Monday, March 19, 2007

Earth’s spherical nature mentioned in the Bhaagavta...

The ‘Bhaagavata’ describes in detail the Hindu God Vishnu and his ten incarnations. The very beginning of Bhaagavata mentions earth as the ‘BhooGola’- meaning the sphere of earth. The same spherical nature of earth has been mentioned several times throughout the text (especially in the Varaha avatar- boar form). Though we know that now it is accepted that earth is spherical(more or less) this is an amazing fact that it comes from such an ancient age when people were believed to be in the middle of the ‘earth is flat’ superstition.
Note- The spherical nature of Earth seems to have found voice in the Bible also, where it refers to the ‘Circle Of Earth’, which probably implies the round or spherical shape of earth.


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