Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ancient India had Nuclear Power and guided missiles technology !!

There are instances that suggest that India had nuclear power in as early as Mahabharata period .
Story starts when the War Of Mahabharata was going on.We know there were two sides on the battle field of Mahabharata. one for kauravas and the other for pandavas. the war used to start after the whrooming of sea shell known as 'Shankha' and would end up in the evening after the blowing of the same Shankha . not many of us may be knowing that this battle of mahabharata lasted for 18 days . After each war, each camp used to consider their loss, aspects of winning and future strategies .
Both sides were discussing who would win the war and what were their strong and weak points . in the pandavas side a discussion was going on about in how many days each one of them could kill the enemy army .
Firstly it was Yudhishthira, who told that he would take about 10 days to kill whole of Kaurav sena( Army of Kauravs ) . then came Bhima who had a strength of a 100 elephants in him . He also told his days, which were a quite a less number of days from that of Yudhishthira. Then Arjun also gave his point .. days were less than that of Bhima. And so on Everybody told his time in terms of days .
But there was a person sitting quiet and calm in the corner just making faces as the warriors boasted of their strengths. Lord Krishna asked him why was he not participating in the talks and making faces instead .
Then the person said ," I am Barbareek , I am the son of Ghatotkachch and Maurvi and the grandson of Bhim and Hidimbaa and am the most powerful warrior in the world, I just cant resist laughing when you people say you will take such a hell lot of a time to kill every one . You call yourself the Ultra powerful, The best Archer and all that stuff. Alas! i feel pity for you all ! He continued ," i have such a a power with me that i can finish off armies however strong they may be within the blink of an eye . With the first arrow I can mark everything I want to destroy. Then when I fire the third arrow everything that is marked will be destroyed. Alternatively with the second arrow I can mark everything that I want saved and then when I release the third arrow everything that is not marked will be destroyed." Lord Krishna explained to Barbareek what would happen if Barbareek decided to participate in the battle. He explained how both sides would be annihilated.
Lord Shiva had given Barbareek three infallible arrows with which he could defeat any one in the three worlds. How could he ?
The answer is that he had the arrows had nuclear potency with guided missile capability and thus he was capable of destroying any army without wasting his arrows and time.
by this incidence we come to know that Ancient India had also got Nuclear bombs which could finish off all humanity in its earliest history. This was first available to Barbareek . ! Remember !

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