Thursday, February 8, 2007

Ancient India had invented Aeroplanes with infinite passenger carrying Facility!

Ancient India also had aeroplanes. There are evidences that suggest this. when we read the epic Ramayana, we come to know that rishi (saint) Vishrava had a son . He was called as Kuber. He was the god of wealth and also he had precious and invaluable stuffs with him. One thing which was most conspicuous was 'Pushpak Viman' which was used by hi m to travel in air and was very fast Indeed. !
A devil Sumali sent his daughter Kaikasi to pursue Vishrava . They both , Vishrava and Kaikasi did Gandharva Vivah or simply Marriage resulting from Mutual love and consent between bride and the bridegroom . They gave birth to a demon male child who, as soon a he was born matured into a boy of 10 years He had devilish Powers with him and apart from that he had a very sharp mind also . this boy later renouned himself as Ravana and became the king of Lanka , the modern Sri Lanka. He was quite Extraordinary in his powers so he won over the gods and even conquered his own brother Kuber . he deprived him off his Pushpak viman as well as his wealth. .
This ravana was the same who was killed by lord Rama because he kidnapped Rama's wife Sita away. And Guess how did he reach from central India to sri lanka so fast with Seeta ?
Answer is " By air on his Pushpak viman ".
Pushpak Viman also had one More quality always had one seat vacant even if it was filled with any number of passengers. Infinite Capacity !

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